Uniquecoat Technologies M4 HVAF thermal spray system

M4 Spray Gun, control Kiosk, gravimetric powder and grit feeder, gas metering and distribution panel, Torrexx Propane vaporizer 25 gal/hr

Mattei 90 and 45 Kw rotary vane compressors with VFD control, separate coolers, 1500 or 800 gallon receiving tanks

Arzell Inc. thermal spray integration

Spray lathe, Robot Track with FANUC six-axis robot, Eckel acoustic spray booth, 4000# gantry crane, sequenced air handling system, Camfil dust collector, coating removal system

Coating removal system

Our state-of-the-art system can quickly and safely remove old carbide coating from worn parts at a rate of .001”/hr. without component damage. The main tank measures 360” X 24” X 24” with 895 gallons of solution. The tank is insulated and maintained at a constant 130°F with continual circulation. The system has PLC process control to monitor temperature, hi/low liquid levels, agitation/circulation, rectifier and cycle start/stop.

Finishing equipment

  • Meuser 288” CtoC engine lathe
  • Monarch 168” CtoC engine lathe
  • HOWA 60” CtoC engine lathe
  • Polisher 250” CtoC, double station with G&P Machinery swing belt polisher
  • F. Schmaltz cylindrical grinder 120” CtoC
  • Bridgeport vertical mill

Building arrangement

  • 10,000 square feet manufacturing space
  • 3,000 square feet office space
  • 10-Ton Detroit Hoist overhead crane in north-bay of building running above finishing equipment
  • Truck well for ease of fork lift access to load/unload crates
  • Truck access to building under crane to load/offload heavy weight loads
  • 480 V 3 phase power

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